Tips: Silicon Carbide (SiC) is produced in an electric furnace at temperatures in excess of 2200 Celsius. SiC is produced by fusing coke and high purity silica sand. The result is the formation of SiC crystals which are very hard. SiC also has a very high thermal conductivity and is very strong at elevated temperatures.
Mohs hardness is 9.2.,
Vickers hardness is 3000-3300 kg/mm,
microhardness is 3000-3300kg/mm3.
Density generally viewed is 3.20g/ mm3
density of heap is 1.2-1.6g/ mm3
specific gravity is 3.20~3.25
Among abrasives, silicon carbide’s hardness is higher than corundum, and ranked below diamond, CBN and boron carbide.
Silicon Carbide can used widely in Metallurgy Industry/ Nonmetal foundry/ Fireproof industry and grinding material industry as its Heat- Resistance corrosion resistance abrasion resistance.
Product catalog:

  Abrasives Refractory
SiC Content 98%以上above 97% 95% 90%
Color Black / Green
Standard bonded abrasives coated abrasives JIS Series  
Macro   P24   0-1mm 0-1mm 0-1mm
F24 P30   1-10mm 1-10mm 1-10mm
F30 P36   0-10mm 0-10mm 0-10mm
F36 P40   0-3mm 0-3mm 0-3mm
F40 P50   100F 100F 100F
F46 P60   200F 200F 200F
F54 P70   325F 325F 325F
F60 P80   We can produce the relevent Silicon
Carbide according to the
customers' request.
F70 P100  
F80 P120  
F90 P150  
F100 P180  
F120 P220  
Micro F240 P240 #240
F280 P280 #280
F320 P320 #320
F360 P360 #360
F400 P400 #400
F500 P500 #500
F600 P600 #600
F800 P800 #700
  P1000 #800
  P1200 #1000
  P1500 #1200
  P2000 #1500
  P2500 #2000


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